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Pulsed Electric Field

The Pulsed Electric Field systems are designed by TOP are both affordable and hygienic.

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Affordable Pulse Electric Field technology

The Dutch company TOP bv develops and constructs hygienic and novel processing equipment. The Pulse Electric Field equipment for food products designed by TOP are affordable, hygienic and easy to operate. The PEF equipment comply with the latest European legislation for hygiene (EHEDG) and safety (CE). This means that the belts don’t have any hollow bodies, a round design and are easy to clean. The PEF equipment are both standardized and modular available in different sizes and for different applications.

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF)

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) is a technology where the product is not heated to obtain a treated product. What it does is that it treats the desired product with short pulses of electrical field. The product is placed between two electrodes, where the electricity is transferred through the product. The current is able to flow through the liquid in the product, due to the precence of charged molecules.

How it works

The goal of treating for example an apple eith PEF, is to shock the apple cells. Due to this shock, the protected layer around the cell is pierced. The material present within the cell starts to leak out (apple juice). Thus the process is similar to when treating an apple with heat, only that in the case of PEF treatment the heat sensitive components are unaffected.

Added value of PEF

  • Maintained color, flavor, and nutritional value
  • Logistic advances
  • Clean label options
  • Reduced energy

Why the need?

Consumers are searching for products with healthier appearances, higher quality, more taste and with higher nutritional value. For the industry to deliver on these needs, new technology should be considered in their existing processes. One of these technologies is the PEF.


Often vegetables and fruits are sliced or diced to then be further processed, a PEF treatment could aid in softening the tissue of the vegetables. The added benefits are that the cutting results in a smoother surface and the additional processing does not require much more attention. Examples of food products are apples, carrots (baby carrots) and potatoes (fries).

Dilatation is viewed as the process in which the plant cells break open. This process can be divided into 3 categories which are;

  1. Pressing extraction
  2. Diffusion extraction
  3. Drying acceleration

Color is a very important aspect of food, as it is an indicator for quality, health and is reponsible for catching your attention. Research has shown that color pigments from purple-fleshed potatoes can be extracted with the water and PEF treatment. This was comparable to the extracted yield when ethanol was used. One of the many benefits that PEF can provide,  is to reduce or eliminate the use of solvents (like ethanol) in the food extraction process.

Design benefits

Modular design

Because of their modular design, PEF equipment could be used for multiple applications.

Hygienic design

The PEF equipment comply with the latest EHEDG hygiene standards

Innovative design

The PEF equipment have an innovative design that are made for your specific application.

About us

TOP b.v.

TOP is a service provider specialized in practical innovation for the food industry. We work for and with food producers and equipment manufacturers from all over the world. For our clients and partners we design and implement unique and useful innovations.

At TOP, we consider research and development not as a goal in itself but rather as means to help you stay ahead of your competition and get the most out of your business.


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